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Friday, April 29, 2005

If a Tree Falls in the Forest Dept.

If a Tree Falls in the Forest Dept.
Now it’s a three-way race for the Democratic nomination to replace Santorum. Alan Sands, who calls himself “one the nation’s leading attorneys and advocates for working people in the field of pensions and medical benefits,” has thrown his hat in the ring. We don’t know anything about him, but in an effort at fairness, we provide you with contact information:
For Our Future
One South Broad Street
Suite 1840
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19107-3418
Telephone:(215) 219-3170 or (215) 825-4017

Some people are dissatisfied with the choices of Casey, Chuck Pennacchio and Sands for the Democratic nomination. They may want to check out the mass movement (okay, 82 people if you count the anonymous posts) working online to get Chris Matthews of MSNBC’s Hardball to challenge Santorum. The online petition is the brainchild of Dianne Herrin whose petition reads:
“Dear Mr. Matthews: Rick Santorum's extremist views are completely out of step with mainstream Pennsylvanians. We are concerned that his continued ascension of power is a growing and serious threat to the ideals of most Pennsylvanians, and most Americans. We also realize that he will be difficult to beat in 2006 because he is beholden to Big Business and enjoys all the privileges of incumbency, including franking privileges and the "bully pulpit" of a US Senator. That is why we are writing to you. We will not stand by and accept "politics as usual" when it comes to candidate selection in this critical race. We are asking you to take on Rick Santorum as a candidate for US Senate, representing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in 2006. Unlike other potential candidates, you have name recognition and an independent, clear, rational progressive voice. You have charm and intelligence and the unique ability to capture the public imagination. You have great depth of experience. You are a Philadelphia native with a bully pulpit of your own! Mr. Matthews, you are in a unique position to help our country, and we will harness all of our energies and resources to support you. We ask that you respectfully consider our request.”

Also, Rep. Tim Hennessey (R, Chester) might want to watch out. The Socialist Party is running a challenger for his Twenty-Sixth District House seat next year. Jeff M. Brindle hopes to become the first Socialist Party member to carry the red banner on a state ballot since…Eugene Debs? Brindle promises a “Socialist Values Campaign to promote values of justice and oppose the values of injustice promoted by the Bush administration and the capitalist system it supports.”


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