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Friday, March 04, 2005

So That's What the Duct Tape Was All About

So That’s What the Duct Tape Was All About… Home Depot reported that former P A Governor and Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge has been named to its board of directors. "Tom Ridge served his country with great distinction, and we are honored to have him join our board, where we expect that his unique global experience and perspective will make a profound contribution to our company and our shareholders," said Home Depot Chairman Bob Nardelli, according to the Associated Press. Nardelli forgot to mention the profits Ridge already made for Home Depot by urging Americans to buy plastic sheeting and duct tape to protect their families in the event of terrorist attacks.Word on the street is that Ridge will also be named as a consultant to Crayola, in recognition of the highlight of his tenure as Homeland Security Secretary—the creative use of colors in creating the terror alert system.


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