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Sunday, March 20, 2005


Polls. Survey USA released some startling poll numbers last week. The poll had Ed Rendell and celebrity Republican candidate of the year Lynn Swann in a statistical dead heat. Rendell had 50%, Swann 44% and 6% were undecided. With a margin of error of 4.4%, that means there is no clear leader. If these numbers are real, then Rendell is in serious trouble. However, there is reason to believe that the figures are questionable. First, there is a small sample of voters- only 506. Second, with 20 months to go before the election, it is unlikely that only 6% of the voters are undecided. Still, the results are worrisome for Rendell and the Democrats. (Survey USA did not poll a Rendell-Scranton or Rendell-Piccola match up.)

The same survey showed Bob Casey leading Rick Santorum 49%-42% with 8% undecided, and Santorum leading Barbara Hafer 52-38 with 10% undecided.
Survey USA was hired to conduct these polls by KDKA-TV Pittsburgh, WCAU-TV Philadelphia, and WNEP-TV Wilkes-Barre. Click here to see the poll demographics.


  • At 1:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Rendell is a Republican in Democratic clothing anyway. Maybe Swann will shake things up.


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