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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Is Casey Already in Trouble with Pro-Choice Progressives?

Is Casey Already in Trouble with Pro-choice Progressives? The Observer’s very unscientific poll might foreshadow a rocky road ahead for Bob Casey’s campaign against Rick Santorum in next year’s senatorial race. It would an understatement to say that the Observer’s readership is firmly in the Almost Anyone But Santorum camp. But it appears from our preliminary poll results that a majority of our readers also fall into the Anybody But Casey camp as well.
Now that PA Democrats have pushed Barbara Hafer out of the US Senate Race, what should pro-choice progressives do?Hold our noses and vote for Casey. Santorum has to be stopped. 46.15% Organize a "Draft Hafer" effort. 6.92% Join the Greens. They're the only pro-choice party in PA. 19.23% Work for Chuck Pennacchio, the only pro-choice Dem left in the race. 27.69%(To vote in the poll or to see the current results, click here.)
The liberal PA blogosphere is jammed with calls for action against the back room dealing of Ed Rendell and the Democratic leadership. NOW is actually doing something about it. The NOW PAC has a petition addressed to Rendell and Sen. Charles Schumer (NJ) of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. Te petition reads:”Moving to the Right is the Wrong strategy! If you won't stand up for women and women's rights - core Democratic values - then you can't expect women's rights supporters to stand up for you.I am outraged at the most recent expression of this losing strategy -- the decidedly undemocratic actions of Democratic leaders and political consultants who forced Barbara Hafer out of the 2006 United States Senate race in Pennsylvania - in favor of a candidate who opposes women's reproductive rights, a fundamental principle of the Democratic party. I cannot in good conscience support Democratic party organizations that encourage anti-choice candidates against women's rights supporters. Remember that women are the vast majority of both the voters and the fundraising direct mail supporters of the Democratic Party. Women deserve better.” Click here to sign NOW's petition.Casey, Rendell and the Democratic Party leadership may not think they have much to worry about. Their thinking seems to be, “Santorum is so bad, it doesn’t matter who we put up.” Good thinking. After all, that strategy was so effective in the 2004 presidential race…


  • At 1:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Casey is another Republicrat. Let's get some real Democrats running in PA.

  • At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    we need someone who can win...not sure a "real" democrat can do that. My view is that casey might just be able to "daschle-ize" santorum. see:

  • At 10:08 AM, Blogger Lily said…

    I like that-republicrat!!! I hope its ok to crosspost your entry (with credit) to our local PA blog? Nice to meet you guys, interesting posts! I'll check in often!
    NEPA Progressives

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