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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Grassroots movement to stop the US PATRIOT Act

Grassroots movement to stop the US PATRIOT Act. A movement is quietly taking hold across this country to protect the civil liberties of Americans by officially opposing the US PATRIOT Act. The Bill of Rights Defense Committee is helping state and local governments pass resolutions that declare official opposition to the US PATRIOT Act, including "To the extent legally possible, no local resources, including law enforcement funds and educational administrative resources, will be used for unconstitutional activities in whatever manner or under whatever circumstances they may be presented."So far, four states and 371 cities and counties have passed resolutions, with hundreds more in process. In Pennsylvania, Berks County and the municipalities of Erie, Lansdowne, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Reading, Wilkinsburg and York have passed anti-US PATRIOT Act resolutions. To see a sample resolution and to find out how your local government might join the fight to protect our civil liberties, go to:


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