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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Free the UglyRipe Tomato

Free the UglyRipe Tomato©. With debates swirling about the wars, the future of Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and so much more, it’s refreshing to know that our two US Senators have their priorities in order. Sens. Specter and Santorum introduced legislation last week to eliminate restrictions on the UglyRipe Tomato©. According to a news release from the Procacci Brothers Sales Corporation, the UglyRipe© is being discriminated against by the Florida Tomato Committee (FTC). The FTC “sets standards pertaining to the shape of round tomatoes grown South and East of the Suwannee River and shipped out of Florida from October 10 through June 15.” According to a recent FTC ruling, the UglyRipe© does not fit the standard of a round tomato. Specter and Santorum have stepped into the fray to free the UglyRipe by sponsoring the Agricultural Marketing Success Act of 2005, which will allow the free marketing of the UglyRipe©. Not to be outdone, Rep. Don Sherwood will introduce a similar bill in the House in the near future.To join the campaign to free the UglyRipe© Tomato, click here.


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