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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Ask Bush to Send Your Chastity Belt

We couldn’t improve on this one, so we’re giving it to you verbatim from NARAL-PA’s website:
Ask President Bush to Send Your Chastity Belt

Times have changed, but our Federal Government has not. In his most recent budget, President Bush attempted to address the challenge of unintended pregnancy. Did he provide more funding for comprehensive sex education, insurance coverage for birth control, or access to emergency contraception? No. He asked for more money for "chastity" programs - the same programs that have proven ineffective and harmful to our kids!I

f President Bush wants to make chastity our only option, shouldn't he give us the right accessories? Order your chastity belt from President Bush TODAY! Then, ask for more than a chastity belt this year - ask him for real choices.

Chastity Belt: the way to not do itIn vogue in the Middle Ages, chastity belts are making a come back in PA! Get one today from the President George W. Bush.

Don't let your chastity go one more day without protection. Order your belt TODAY!


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