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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Action Alert-Stop Medicaid Cuts

Action Alert: Stop Medicaid Cuts. Put Families First is asking people to call Senators Specter and Santorum, demanding that they oppose Medicaid cuts that will "take health care away from children, force hospitals to cut services, lead to further overcrowding in our emergency rooms, and cut nursing home staffing leaving residents without the help they need with feeding, dressing, and bathing."
They have created a toll-free number where you can call the Capitol Switchboard at 1-800-247-2971.
Tell Senator Specter that working families in Pennsylvania need Congress to oppose health care cuts for seniors and children that will increase the burden on families and drive up private insurance rates.
Ask them to transfer you to Senator Santorum's office. Repeat Step 2.
“Together, we'll send the Senate a strong message that families can’t afford health care cuts that will drive up private insurance premiums and put seniors and children at risk.”
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