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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

And the winner is...

And the Winner Is… I
s it a surprise to anyone? Little Ricky Santorum is the hands-down winner of the First Pennsylvania Observer Grinch of the Year Award. There are lots of people and groups who could win this award in any other state, but there are only a handful of locations that have someone as nasty and hypocritically self-righteous as Santorum. Our readers, proving their intelligence and wisdom, gave Santorum 34 of 80 votes or 42%. Here are the final results:
Choices (Votes) %
Lois Murphy and the Democratic Leadership. For trying to subvert democracy by getting Green Dorothy Schieber and Reform Party Presidential nominee Ralph Nader off the ballot. (4) 5.00%
Ed Rendell. PA's chief corporate booster. Raising taxes on workers, cutting benefits for the poor, promoting corporate welfare. (3) 3.75%
Republican Leadership of the General Assembly. They don't like Ed Rendell, so they pettily dismissed any idea that came out of the corner office simply to spite the Guv. Pretty childish and ultimately destructive to the future of the Commonwealth. (14) 17.50%
Rick Santorum. Need we say more? (34) 42.50%
Mark Scott is the Republican Berks County Commissioner who has proposed an Almost-Final Solution to his idea of the county's biggest problem--too many poor and dark-skinned people. His solution is to tear down low-income housing and stop providing services that attract "those people" to Berks County. (7) 8.75%
Arlen Specter. For losing his spine. He gave in to the far right to get the Judiciary Committee chair. Can you say Chief Justice Scalia? (1) 1.25%
Wal-Mart. Driving local retailers out of business, forcing US manufacturers to purchase only from slave-wage Chinese companies, busting unions... (17) 21.25%


  • At 4:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Winner Mark Scott just announced his candidacy for Berks County Judge. I'm sure he will give every one of "those people" a fair trial, should the voters of Berks be stupid enough to elect him!


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