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Monday, December 13, 2004

New York State Passes Minimum Wage

New York State Raises Minimum Wage. Progressive activists won a major victory this week by convincing the Republican dominated state legislature to overturn New York Governor George Pataki's veto of a significant increase in the minimum wage. The activists, led by the Working Families Party and ACORN, were able to get the minimum wage raised to $7.15 an hour. For full-time workers, it's an increase from $10,700 a tear to $14,900. More than one million workers will be affected by the raise. Dan Cantor, of the New York Working Families Party said, "It’s a powerful validation of our overall strategy: choose issues carefully, stay laser-focused on them, organize hard in the key districts, use the ballot line to reward and punish politicians, and above all, don’t give up. Hope and love really can defeat fear and anger."

Florida voters last month raised the minimum wage in their state to $6.15, with automatic increases based on the inflation rate.


  • At 9:09 PM, Blogger Rep. Mark B. Cohen said…

    As a longtime activist for increasing Pennsylvania's minimum wage, I am delighted at the actions of New York, Florida, and other states and cities. Clearly, legislators and voters around the country are sending a clear message: the minimum wage is a state issue. The question is at what level should the state set it.


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