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Monday, December 13, 2004

English Reneging on Term-Limit Pledge

English Reneging on Term-Limit Pledge. In 1994, Phil English (R-3rd CD) joined the Gingrich Revolution and signed a pledge to abide by the Contract With America's six-term limit for Members of Congress. The Observer's math tells us that last month's election was English's sixth, meaning there will be an open seat in 2006. But English, like many other Republicans, is having second thoughts about his pledge. The 1994 GOP Freshman Class has been almost universally reluctant to honor their pledges, but English is being more creative than most. He claims that he signed the pledge for Republicans in general, but that it didn't necessarily apply to himself. Recent term-limit pledge breakers have fared poorly, but NW Democrats have had a difficult time finding quality candidates to run against English. If the Dems can find a good candidate, or if the Greens can convince AnnDrea Benson to run again, English could be in real trouble in 2006.


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