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Monday, December 20, 2004

Democrats vs. Greens, Part 2

Democrats vs. Greens, Part 2. Last week’s article on the Green Party claim to have cost Lois Murphy the election in the Sixth Congressional District race was by far the Observer’s most controversial in our brief history. We received nearly 50 letters; some angry at the Greens, some at the Democrats, and a few expressing anger at us for reporting the story. Three people quit our mailing list, but we got over 200 new subscriptions in the intervening week. Nothing like controversy to stimulate readership, eh? Here’s a brief, redacted sampling of the letters we got:

"Thanks to the Greens we are one vote further from being able to protect the environment."
Charles Moleski, Philadelphia

"Lois Murphy was not only more progressive than other PA democrats, she was progressive enough to meet every qualification in some state Green party platforms...[The Greens] joined in re-electing an anti-gay, anti-woman, anti-minority, anti-environment, anti-drug-law-reform, anti-labor, anti-fair wage Bush-backing incumbent. Way to go, Greens."
Joy Sabl

"I believe that the contentious, problematic activity of third parties is absolutely crucial for driving fundamental electoral reforms like IRV and Proportional Representation. Nothing says "my democracy is broken" like the spoiler effect, and if things ain't broke, people generally aren't inclined to fix them. Personally I consider it a crime against democracy to work to keep anybody off the ballot. Frivolous attempts to do so should frankly be illegal, IMHO. If I ran the zoo, Murphy would be in jail, her name notwithstanding ;-)"
Kevin Murphy

"There were OVER 2000 invalid signatures! Shame on you Green Party, to submit such a document to the PA Dept. of State. All you served was your own discredit. While it's unfortunate that the issue was raised causing resources from both Parties to be spent, it nevertheless was raised and apparently for good reasons. This says something in and of itself. Green candidacy's need to be valid and the Green Party has an obligation to make sure it's petitions meet that simple requirement. If Green leadership is threatening to be a "spoiler" because it cannot field valid candidates, then so be it. Such irresponsible behavior will creat it's own downfall. However, it makes one wonder, if you can't do something so simple as to submit a legitimate petition, who is really trying to steal democracy?"
Tom Herman

"Curses...a curse on both your houses!"
R.J. Goetschkes

"Much agreement on "can't we just get along sentiment." For 4+ years Dems have decried Greens for playing spoiler in 2000 (perhaps rightfully) and Greens bashing Democrats for losing touch with our values (perhaps rightfully). But when push comes to shove, at least on the whole, we both want change. We want a peaceful and just America for ourselves and for generations to come, and I wonder how effective we will be if take pride in knocking each other down."
Ben Donahower

"...and shame on you for fanning the flames that have kept our country on the path to fascism. When the stakes are as high as they have been, we can't f@#& around with parties that have not got a chance in hell when the alternative is the Republican party."

"You didn't add a selection for: The Greens should be ashamed of how they help the Fascists. They should terminate their party and join the rest of us who are fighting Fascism. You guys really suck for making a Dem lose. I sent another E-mail to take me off your list."

"Many of the signatures were declared invalid because they lacked the middle initial of the signer. Nowhere in the instructions is that listed as a requirement. Also, signatures for getting other candidates on the ballot were not struck off because of that, purely because the Democrats did not decide to challenge on whatever grounds they could come up with. The Democrats, for example, while challenging Scheiber and others for signatures that were borderline, did not challenge such allies of theirs as George Bush for filing well past deadlines in states like Delaware or Florida."
Mike (Philadelphia)

"I urge all of you to unsubscribe from this rag, and refuse to support or vote for Green candidates from now on. I urge all Pennsylvanians of conscience to do so."
John P. Morgan

"As the misguided/misinformed Pullano sees it, that made Murphy guilty of trying to "sabotage democracy" and "steal democracy" and that she "deserved to lose." Apparantly, following the election laws is quite a crime to the Green Party! Murphy was a great candidate. She was endorsed by the Sierra Club, NOW, and many other progressive groups. Maybe the Greens could learn that people like Bush & Gerlach are the enemy - not us liberals & leftists! And let's remember this for the 2006 Congressional elections."
Bob Millar


  • At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Democrats are showing why the Green Party is necesary. They act just like Republicans when they get the chance.


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