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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Sine Dies a Quiet Death

Sine Dies a Quiet Death. The General Assembly has gone home, according to reports, without accomplishing most of their major goals for the lame duck, Sine Die session. The Philly-area and Greater Pittsburgh transit authorities didn't get the money they said they needed to stay afloat. Both will immediately enact drastic service cuts and layoffs. The Welfare for Comcast bill was killed. That legislation would have given them a multi-million dollar tax break for their new Philly skyscraper. Lobbyist disclosure also failed to pass, as did a ban on mandatory overtime for nurses and other healthcare workers. On the positive side, the Birmelin anti-gay legislation failed due to a lack of support, and the pay raise for legislators was quashed.

They did pass the renewable energy bill that mandates the use of more solar and wind power. However, this bill also increases the use of trash burning and waste coal for energy. Green washing at its best.

In toto, not a good session for progressive legislation. But it could have been worse. Wait till next year.


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