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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

DeLayed Justice

DeLayed Justice. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R, TX) is facing possible federal indictments over some fundraising scandals in Texas. So what did the party of morality do in light of this? They overturned the rule that required an indicted House leader to resign his or her post. The rule was put in place by Republicans in 1993 to embarrass Democrats who were having legal problems with their House leaders. To make matters worse, this vote was taken behind closed doors, with no recorded vote. Most GOP House Members refuse to say how they voted. Most PA Members of Congress refuse to divulge how they voted, so we must assume that they voted to keep indicted leaders in positions of leadership--specifically, Tom DeLay. Todd Platts is the only Member who says he didn't support DeLay. John Peterson (5th CD), Jim Greenwood (8th CD) and Patrick Toomey (15th CD) said they didn't vote. Here is the contact information for all PA GOP Members:

Phil English (3rd CD) 202-225-5406, 814-456-2038

Jim Gerlach (6th CD) 202-225-4315, 610-458-8010

Jim Greenwood 202-225-4276, 215-348-7511

Melissa Hart (4th CD) 202-225-2565, 412-492-0161

Tim Murphy (18th CD) 202-225-2301, 412-344-5583

John Peterson (5th CD) 202-225-5121, 814-827-3985

Joe Pitts (16th CD) 202 225-2411, 610 444-4581

Todd Platts (19th CD) 1-877-902-1919

Don Sherwood (10th CD) 202-225-3731, 1-888-366-7210

Bill Shuster (9th CD) 202-225-2431, 814-696-6318

Pat Toomey (15th CD) 202/225-6411, 610/439-8861

Curt Weldon (7th CD) 202-225-2011, 610-259-0700


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